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The following thermograms show a sampling of some of the different wetting patterns or moisture contours that are normally encountered during an infra red moisture survey.  Contrary to popular belief, it is evident in these thermograms that moisture in the insulation is not always confined to the extreme edges of each individual insulation board.   In many instances the moisture migrates randomly from heavily wetted insulation boards into adjacent boards.

Thermograms are pictures of anomalies or wet areas, that are taken through the infra red viewer.  Thermograms allow you to see what the camera operator sees during the survey.

Anomalies are hot spots on the roof surface.  They are visible to the infra red camera in varying shades of gray and white.  The operator must determine if an anomaly is caused by moisture laden insulation or by some other condition on the roof.


This thermogram shows how moisture in the insulation is generally confined to the size and shape of each individual insulation board.


This thermogram shows a large area with saturated insulation, and two smaller adjacent areas with damp insulation.  The bright white area is where the insulation is saturated.  The light gray areas are where the insulation is damp.  The irregular black area within the saturated area, is where there was ponded water.  Since this area is cooler than the surrounding area, no anomaly is visible but the insulation is actually wet beneath the pond.


In this thermogram the saturated insulation follows a very irregular contour.  The size and shape of the insulation boards have no effect on the moisture migration.


This thermogram shows a small portion of a large wet area.  The moisture varies from damp to saturated and has no well defined shape.


In this thermogram the insulation is saturated in a large area in front of two HVAC units.


This photo shows one of our computer generated drawings of a roof that had many small, medium and large sized wet areas.  The size, shape, and location of the wet areas shown on the drawing accurately represents the actual conditions on the roof.  The same moisture contours were spray painted on the roof surface.  There are obviously serious problems with this roof membrane.



This photo shows how we can mark the actual contour of very irregular shaped wet insulation.  When the moisture does not follow straight lines, most of our competitors can only show the approximate shape of wet insulation.  We have developed a method that allows us to precisely follow and mark the exact shape of the wet insulation.


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