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The following photographs show  nuclear readings being taken on a Modified Bitumen Roof System and on a Ballasted Roof System.  Examples of the finished drawings for a nuclear moisture survey are also shown.





This is a nuclear moisture survey in progress on a modified bitumen roof system.  Nuclear readings are being taken at grid points that were laid out on the roof surface.  As the readings are taken, they are also recorded on the drawing.









This nuclear moisture survey is being conducted on a Ballasted Roofing System.  The ballast has been removed at the grid point locations so that the meter can be placed directly on the membrane.  On Ballasted Roof Systems nuclear moisture detection is the only viable system to use.  Infra red will not work on this type of system.









This is a close up of a portion of the drawing that shows dry, damp, and wet insulation.  Notice that core and photo locations are also shown.










This is a computer generated drawing showing the roof plan on a nuclear moisture survey.  Notice the grid lines and the nuclear readings at the intersection points of the grid.  Notice also that the plan shows the location of all dry, damp, and wet insulation.









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