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Roof Scan offers a broad range of Consultant Services that are intended to assist Building Owners, Architects, Roof Consultants, Contractors and Facility Managers by providing roof investigation, design, and asset management services.  

Roof Scan performed Infrared roof moisture surveys and roof inspections for 157 roofs on this manufacturing facility so that a scope of work, budget estimates and work priorities could be established.









We can provide any one, or all of the following services;   

  • Roof Inspection And Diagnosis

  • Roof Repair/Replace Recommendations

  • Roof Asset Management

  • Budget Estimates

  • Roof Moisture Surveys


Roof Inspection And Diagnosis

This is perhaps the most basic and essential service that we offer our clients.  Far to many roofs are plagued with constant problems and misdirected repair efforts.  Thousands of dollars can be spent on roof repairs with little or no success.  Even more concerning are the roofs that are causing no immediate problems but they are deteriorating to the point that they will require extensive and costly repairs, or premature replacement. 

The owner of the roof shown below did not realize how important a good surface coating is on a smooth Mod Bit. roofing system.  Surface deterioration and other "not so apparent" defects led to the premature failure of this roof and an unexpected expense for the owner.









We strongly recommend that an initial roof inspection and diagnosis be performed to gather base line information about the roof system and to determine repair and maintenance procedures.  Following this initial inspection it is recommended that the roof be inspected semi-annually, and before any major repairs are undertaken.  The National Roofing Contractors Association and all other professional roofing organizations also recommend these inspection guidelines.  

The prudent building owner or building manager will employ the services of a roofing professional to at least perform the initial and most critical inspection.  Well meaning but untrained facility personnel do not have the expertise to properly identify roof membrane and flashing defects that could have a detrimental effect on the performance and life expectancy of the roof system. 

 "The information gathered during our inspection should be used as the basis for making repair/replace decision, and for preventative maintenance and budgeting purposes."

 Roof Scan technicians have been trained in all aspects of roof design and inspection.  Our technicians have inspected and designed hundreds of roofing projects and installations.  

 " Our inspection and diagnosis service will insure that you get the maximum results for your roofing dollars and that your roofs will attain their maximum life expectancy."

 Semi-Annual Inspection:

Semi-annual roof inspections should be performed in the Spring and Fall.  In addition, a roof inspection should be performed after every major weather occurrence.  After the initial roof inspection is complete, and with some training, building maintenance personnel could perform the semi annual inspections.  It would still be advisable to have a professional inspect the roofs at regular intervals. 

Inspections Before Major Repairs:

Routine maintenance and minor repairs are encouraged.  However, a professionally conducted inspection should be performed before any major repair is undertaken.  The inspection will determine the proper and most cost effective repair methods that should be utilized. 

Roof Repair/Replacement Recommendations

Before recommendations can be made concerning which roof repair procedures or replacement systems are necessary, it is imperative that we inspect the roof and diagnose the failure mechanisms.  Once this has been accomplished, we can formulate cost effective repairs or replacement systems that are specifically tailored to the existing conditions and the clients budget. 

"All to often, repair/replacement methods are used that are not appropriate for the existing conditions.   This results in costly, ineffective results."

Roof Asset Management

Our Roof Asset Management program is intended for clients with large or multiple roof inventories.  The program is most beneficial for clients that have no established roof program and no qualified in -house personnel to inspect or to maintain the roofs.  The program can however  be modified for clients with as few as one or two roofs.   

"The best way to minimize unexpected roof problems, properly maintain roofs, and extend their useful service life, is to implement a Roof Asset Management Program."  

We can tailor the program to suit individual client requirements and budget constraints.  However, to make the program most beneficial, we suggest that it include the following;

1.    Roof History

2.    Roof Inspections

3.    Asbestos Testing (if applicable)

4.    Moisture Survey

5.    Repair/Replace Recommendations

6.    Roof Condition Index  (A roof condition index is simply a means of separating roofs into categories and priorities based on the roofs overall condition and the urgency to complete the repairs/replacement.  The index then becomes a quick and easy reference to view the condition of the roofs either separately or as a group.  Work schedules and budget estimates can then be formulated.)

7.    Budget Estimates

8.    Maintenance Recommendations

9.    New Roof System Selection Criteria

10.    Roof Report and Roof Plans

"By comparing the conditions and priorities of roofs to each other, the program will show you where and how to budget your roofing dollars."



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